Georgios Lamprakis - Agile Software Developer

Updated on 19-03-22

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Passionate about clean code that is easily understood and extended by humans. I love being a member of teams who are keen on XP and compassionate coding. Always on learning mode, with studies in Computer Science and diverse work background, I am keen on taking a pragmatic approach combining the craft and the science side of software development, facilitating Extreme Programing techniques such as TDD and Pair Programming.

I have been exposed and worked with the following

Agile Practices, TDD, BDD, Pair Programming, Object Oriented Design, Domain Driven Design, Java 8 / 11, Java EE, Gradle, Spring Boot / Spring WebFlux, Project Reactor, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, CosmosDB, Kafka, SQLite, K8s, Docker, AWS, AZURE, Jenkins, Dagger2, Micronaut, Vert.x, SparkJava, GIT, GitHub, Splunk, JUnit5, Mockito, Spock, AsserJ